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Creditors and Debtors

Debt Recovery Solutions

Creditor's Rights & Debt Collection

If you signed an agreement to extend credit to an individual or business in Texas, you did so with the full understanding that you are required by law to uphold the four corners of the contract. Now that your debtor is in default, however, it may seem as if you don’t have equal access to the law. Nothing is further from the truth. Under federal bankruptcy laws and Texas state law, creditors have rights and Themis Legal Group is prepared to protect them.

Our Texas debt collection attorneys create debt recovery solutions for businesses across the nation that have collection accounts in Texas, including Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and everywhere in between. Whether you’re a small business with a single unpaid debt in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or a Fortune 500 company with large collection matters, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you recover the money you are due. Our debt collection attorneys represent all types of businesses, including those that provide goods or services, both secured and unsecured. We will thoroughly examine your case and determine whether the debt is valid, and whether it would be cost-efficient to attempt to recover that debt through litigation.


The cornerstones of our firm’s collection practice involve vigorously exploring all available means to collect the debts and offering a candid assessment of our client’s likelihood of success. We have employed all potential collection remedies, including liens, writs of attachment and execution, as well as turnover orders. We can readily advise you on whether any of these methods may succeed in your case.

Our lawyers also understand that creditors are justifiably hesitant to spend additional money to try to collect on bad debt that may never be paid. We will thoroughly evaluate all relevant factors when counseling our clients on whether it is advisable to pursue legal remedies. These factors include the amount of money at issue, the debtor’s available assets, the debtor’s potential defenses (if any), and the available collection remedies. In every case, our clients will know up front whether it makes economic sense to pursue collection of a past due balance.

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Collecting on debts: 

Over $1,000,000 in judgments

Our combined experience has resulted in judgments rendering over $1,000,000 in value, however, our efforts don't stop there. 

We've helped clients collect on those judgments so that they can recover what's rightfully theirs. 

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